Selecting A Violin – Four Important Points To Consider

There are many shops which advertise violins for sale. However before you shop for your violin, you will need to consider some points. Whether you are a novice violin player who is buying your first violin, or an accomplished violin player who is looking to acquiring your second or third instrument, it is important to consider the following four important points in selecting a suitable violin.

1. Purpose of the violin

You need to ask yourself what type of instrument you need. Do you require a student level instrument, or one that can take you further as your violin playing skills improve? Are you already an accomplished musician looking to select your second instrument which can take you further in your career? Or are you an investor keen to park your funds in a quality, rare hand crafted instrument so that the value appreciates over time?

2. Budget

How much money do you plan to spend on your violin? Student level violins come in several different grades. The better ones would come properly set up with quality strings, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece. The scroll, neck and body of the violin would also be selected for its ideal size.

Quality, investment grade violins are typically hand crafted mostly from Europe. Some instruments date back to 1800s and beyond, these would cost in the six or seven figures. Not only do you need to consider the violin, you will need to plan to select a quality bow which plays well with the instrument as well as a case which properly protects your investment grade instrument.

3. Type of playing

Do you need a violin that is meant for solo playing, or to play in an orchestra? Do you play chamber music? The surrounding environment of where your instrument is to be played plays a big part in your selection as well.

4. Time horizon

If you are looking for student level violin, do you plan to play this instrument over the next couple years? If so, then you will need one that can take you up to intermediate level. If you do not wish to have to upgrade your instrument every couple of years, you will need to select one that can take you up to advanced level.

If you are sourcing for investment grade violins, then your time horizon will need to be longer. A quality, rare instrument held on for years will appreciate in value over time.

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