Acoustic Upright

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What is the best way to record?

I am going to record some music with just piano and voice (me on piano, a friend on vocals). I am wondering what the best way to do this is.

I have a Mac, so I am thinking I will use GarageBand, but I need another program for the actual recording, so if you could suggest any that would be great!

I don’t have an electric keyboard at the moment so I will be recording from an acoustic upright piano, and this is where I am unsure. Do I use a large diaphragm condensor mic for this? For I’m going to use one for the singing, I’m just not sure for the piano. By the way I am hoping to record the piano and the voice together, not seperatley.

I am new to recording so could you please suggest any other equipment that you would suggest, that would amazing!

Thank you so much, much appreciated!


I dont know if its on mac but sony acid music studio is good :)

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