Antiqued Cello

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Question about antique cello?

I have a question about a cello I recently purchased for ha-has at the Brimfield Antique Fair. The inside label reads “A. Schroetter” underneath that “Geigenbaumeifter” underneath that “Mittenmald/Bayern” and lastly underneath that “MADE IN GERMANY”. I bought it, expecting to craft something out of it, but I was stopped by another dealer at the fair&he took one look at the cello (which is missing the neck&has a bit of wear&tear throughout the body)&first offered to buy it off of me for more than what I had payed for it&when I refused he told me his reason for his interest&told me to put it on ebay because it is worth at least 800 dollars. I have no knowledge of such an item&its actual value. Can you please help me out? I may get it appraised, but I thought I’d check the web first for any info. Thank you, Natalie.

A little poking around shows cellos from that maker being sold for around $600-800. If it’s missing the neck it would be worth less because the buyer would have to pay for the repairs.

Your best bet would be to get it appraised by someone who knows what it would cost to get it into playing condition.

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