Aquila Soprano

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Mahalo Flying V Ukulele?

I am pretty new to ukulele and have a few questions. I recently just bought my first one, a monterey mahogany (they come in pink, green and mahogany, you might know the range) and it’s not very good. I also just purchased some aquila soprano strings and haven’t used them because i was going to buy a mahalo flying v ukulele. I have heard, however, that it sounds pretty bad. So I was wondering if the flying v will sound better without changing the strings than my old one? Are there any other ukes that are good, easy to find and are no more expensive than $80 AU? Thanks a lot!

Here’s a review of the Mahalo Flying V.
I have seen the Mahalo Flying V a couple years ago and unless they’ve done some improvements I wouldn’t buy one. The worse part was trying to hold the thing. Switching the strings to Aquila would be an improvement. I’ve got them on a simple little $30 Mahalo and they make a world of difference. If you’re looking for a decent ukulele but don’t want to spend a lot of money try a Lanikai LU-21C. It’s the concert size and has a real nice tone. It also comes with Aquila strings. Look at the reviews and you’ll see you get a lot of ukulele for the price.
Have fun,

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