Banjo Guitar

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How to shut up annoying ‘Friend’?

My ‘friend’ keeps on saying that I listen to weirdo music, when he has NEVER listened to even one of my songs! It’s all because I when he asked me what genres I like, I said folk – and then he immediately interrupted and said ‘what the hell, those little people with straws in their mouths playing with those little banjo guitars??’ At that time I was listening to Animal Collective on my headphones. What do I say to shut him up?? He thinks he’s so smart but he’s just so annoying!

By the way you’ve put the word friend in inverted commas, tells me that you’re probably not that fond of this guy.

In that case, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to what he thinks. For your own sanity, listen to the music: not to him.

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