Blue Green

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Beauty blue eyes accentuate the shadows of the blue, violet, turquoise, silver, gray scale, as well as shade of pink tones and a win-win for makeup blue eyes – Shadow golden brown. It is interesting and unique shade will look blue tory burch outlet, they just give more expressive blue eyes.

Owners of gray-blue eyes suggest you use
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the make-up shade shades of aqua and turquoise.[]tory burch shoe closet A classic, smoky makeup for blue eyes is not suitable for parties, gatherings and clubs, but as a daily make-up. It is necessary to pay attention to shades of pink and fuchsia, they emphasize the brightness of blue eyes.
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options for applying makeup for blue eyes. We must remember that it is important not to overdo it with the shading, since the excess make-up could be detrimental to the overall beauty of blue eyes.

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