Bouzouki Greek

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bouzouki/greek instruments on greek vacation for cheap?

visiting greece soon and would like to bring back some culture. thus, i would like to buy an instrument while i am there. i will be traveling all over greece to many different cities (including athens) and to a few islands. i would like to know if i will be able to find a cheap/used bouzouki or mandolin (i.e. <200 euro) fairly easily. i will be with a tour group with a tight schedule so simply wandering off will not be an option.

Mina has given you sound information. However, I’m not sure you can buy a bouzouki for 200€ even used one.
That instrument is totally hand-made and the making of it is a few days work, but you never know if you get a real good bargain.
Learning to play bouzouki is a hard and long process.
My advice is to try buy a baglamas which being a small organ with very characteristic sound is easier to play and cheaper as a buy. Or even a Cretan lyra if you happen to be in Crete. That too is easy to learn to play.

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