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History of Eames Chair

The Eames Lounge Chair was introduced in 1956 after the much development in designed chair by Charles and Ray Eames from the company Herman Miller Furniture Company. The material used for these furnishing are molded plywood and leather. These chairs were designed for High- end markets but now it is common used in the different work places.

These chairs are made up of three curved plywood shells and modern production, the shells are made up of seven thin layers of wood veneer glued together and shaped under heat and pressure. This differentiates the newer chairs from the “original” (vintage) chairs which used Brazilian rosewood veneers and were constructed of five layers of plywood. Also differentiating the very earliest sets from newer sets were rubber spacers between the aluminum spines and the wood panels first used in the earliest production models and then hard plastic washers used in later versions. With the passage of time Eames chair are revolutionized into different type of chairs. During the production of Eames chair, Charles Eames once said “his goal for the chair was that it be ‘a special refuge from the strains of modern living’.”

The Eames chair has constantly use different material for the production of their chairs. Some of the Eames chair used the heavy washer glued to the backrest of the chair and screwed to the lumbar support. These washers, which have come to be called ‘shock mounts’, allow the backrest to flex slightly. This technology was brought back in the 670 Lounge chair. These chairs have different designed and it showed variation in design.

These chairs are mostly used in American television shows. In 1956, first introduce in Arlene Francis show ‘Home” which was broadcast on the NBC television network in the USA. Later it gained popularity in and it is mostly used in television shows. After that it gained popularity and with the passage of time it was introduced at corporate level. Eames chair were introduced in different shows

• The Eames Lounge chair was featured prominently on the Emmy winning American sitcom Frasier, where it was visible in all but one episode.

• The chair also appears in the office of Dr. Gregory House in the eponymous television series House

• The chair can be seen in Chandler and Joey’s apartment in the first season of Friends

• The chair also appears in the movie She’s Out of My League

• The chair also appeared in the TV series Cougar Town, during the first episode of the second season guest starring Jennifer Aniston.

• The chair is frequently seen being used in AMC’s drama series Mad Men set in the 1960s

• The chair is also present in Dr. Cox’s apartment in the sitcom Scrubs

• The chair also appears in the movie Iron Man (film) and is seen in Tony Stark’s apartment and workshop.

• There is also mention of the chair in the Steely Dan song “Things I miss the most”

• This chair appeared in the TV show Day Trip Designer.

• The chair also appeared in both Richard Castle’s and Kate Beckett’s house in Castle (TV series).

• A modified version of the chair with Missoni fabric appeared in Gossip Girl, in Lily’s apartment.

• An all-white Eames lounge chair appears in Disney’s Tron: Legacy.

This television show’s project the popularity of Eames chair. And these chair have decent market.

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