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Penelope Louise Brown

Penelope Louise Brown is a fertility and gender selection guru who has helped thousands of couples to fulfill their fondest dreams. Even if a couple is aiming to conceive a boy or a girl, and for whatever reason they may have that preference, in our Penelope Louise Brown review you’ll notice that she has given an in depth guide which helps them conceive easily and quickly with the baby that they want. She offers the answers that have helped so many people have the baby boy or girl they want by outlining ways to take advantage of the unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses of female and male sperm.

Penelope Louise Brown talks extensively concerning the number of reasons that couples may want to exert control over the gender of the baby they’re planning to conceive, with great sympathy and understanding. She will not make any judgments on the reason for gender preference, regardless if the couple choose to keep the size of their family small in an attempt to give a level of security throughout uncertain economic periods or perhaps if they’re getting older and not having enough time to conceive a child of each gender within the time they may have left. Instead, she offers helpful information on how to conceive a girl. She points out that historically, people went to such extremes as removing the father’s testicle in the false belief that male sperm is on one side, female sperm on the other side and also that the decision to select a child’s gender has been in existence for hundreds of years. She lists and dismisses other misguided beliefs like wearing blue to sleep in order to have a boy, or drinking coffee to speed male sperm, rather offering strong scientific information on the methods to have a girl or a boy so that couples can go beyond their stress and depression concerning the matter and make the happy, tailor-made family that they want.

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy And How To Get Pregnant With A Girl would be the 2 versions of Penelope Louise Brown’s valuable, scientifically-based program. Her pregnancy guide reveals the natural and safe step-by-step methods offered by the two concise and practical instructions. She points out the significance of figuring out your ovulation cycle and documenting it so as to have intercourse at the optimum time, and points out in details the strengths and weaknesses of both the male and female sperm. She offers invaluable suggestions about ways to maximize each to have the baby of your dreams by taking advantage of the male sperms speediness and the female sperm’s hardiness. Details like the best sexual positions for getting the sperm nearer to the cervix for a boy, farther away for a girl, as well as information on diet and dietary supplements and their impact on the acidity or alkalinity of the cervical mucus are included.

Penelope Louise Brown has included her well-researched instructions with the assortment of helpful information for couples trying to build a family. For just $37, she not only includes her manual on conceiving a child with a baby boy or girl; she additionally gives her popular e-books “A Guide to Your Pregnancy,” “Choosing the Right Baby Monitor,” and “How To Look Great in Maternity Clothing”. Altogether, her books offer all the details a couple needs in order to have a girl or boy and also have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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