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Cello is a member of the Violin family. Similar to Violins in structure, Cellos too are bowed instruments. However, cello bow is thicker than a violin bow. Cellos are heavier than violins and are believed to be the second largest bowed string instrument. Cellos also have four strings, tuned in fifths. One of the most common groupings in any string quartet comprises of a cello, a viola and two violins. A cello’s lowest note is 2 octaves below middle C. Cellos are mainly used as solo instruments or as a member of the string section of an orchestra. Due to the similarity between the tone of Cello and violin, they are often used in combination with each other.

A cello player is known as a cellist. Unlike Violins, Cellos are played by placing the instrument between the knees in a sitting posture. Unlike Violins, Cellos have an endpin resting that enables a cellist to rest the Cello on floor for support. Cello is often associated with European classical music. Though the instrument is not a part of popular culture today, Cellos were commonly used in 1970’s pop and disco music. The instrument has also been modified to suit its usage in Indian classical music too. Cellos are decorated by an inlay known as purfling. Purfling not only enhances the look of the instrument, but also prevents cellos from cracking, in case the instrument is struck or faces unsuitable climatic conditions.

Like Violins, cellos and violas too are available on monthly hire. However, it can be tricky to select an instrument if some basics of a good quality cello or viola are unclear. For instance, a common notion in choosing a cello or viola rental is that the more you pay, the better the tone of the instrument. This is completely untrue. The main factors in selecting a viola for rental are the maker of the instrument, country of manufacture, condition, age, tone, size etc. Choosing a viola rental is a difficult task mainly because each wood piece that a viola is made of vibrates differently. This simply means that if viola rentals are offering damaged instruments, the quality of sound from the instruments will be mediocre in comparison to a purchased viola. Older violas which have been repaired numerous times are more likely to develop structural and tonal problems. However, if the viola has been well maintained, older violas have better sounds.

Every violinist wants a perfect case for his instrument. The most important factor is the type of violin case that will suit one’s need. Hard cases are more popular with violinists as they ensure protection of their instrument from any physical shock damages. Hard cases are useful for long journeys, but are unsuitable for short travel. For short travels, soft cases made from ‘leathercloth’ fabric with appropriate padding are common. They are lighter in weight and easier to carry. It is also important to ensure that a violin fits well in the violin case. Otherwise the instrument will be damaged.

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