Cello Bridge

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Where and for how much can I get a cello bridge carved?

I just bought a Fishman C-200 Cello pickup. The bridge (with the pickup built in) has not been carved apparently. Where can I get the bridge carved to a 4/4 cello bridge in size? (right now its got the shapes, just needs to be thinned and put grooves in and such.)

Thanks for the quick help.

EDIT: sorry for the DP, but it went to the wrong subcategory.

I make my own bridges for string instruments I’ve built.> I would make a copy of the bridge you have, and try to do it yourself, maybe make more then one copy. It is not real hard to make a bridge that works. You might find a local lute-st, or wood carver. to help you. The right height is crucial, if it is to low you’ll have to scrap it. As in wood I’ve found some old crate wood works well. For tools, a few carving knifes, coping saw, sand paper, a work bench,etc. I usually rough cut one out on a band saw, then tweak it after that.

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