Codabow Diamond

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CodaBow? Pernambuco? Violin Bow Help?

I am getting a new violin bow. My budget is up to $1000… I am really liking the look of the CodaBow Diamond GX, but I want to know if it is better than any other Pernambuco bow of that price range.

Thanks! Today(hopefully) I am going to my local string store to try some out. I will see if they have the Diamond GX and I will play with a number of fine Pernambuco. Also, I should have specified that I like the reviews etc. of the Diamond GX, not just the overall appearance, haha! My bad.

Thanks Again!

It’s a matter of personal taste. I know pros who won’t use anything but wood and some who use carbon fiber bows all the time.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a bow just by looks. You have to try a variety of bows in that price range to find one you really like.

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