Concert Tenor

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Is a Baritone Ukulele like the rest of the others?

What i’m asking is: Are baritone ukes played like the rest of the others (soprano, concert, tenor)? I know its tuned differently and the thickness of the strings order isnt the same as the others but do you play it just like the other ukes? thanks!

For example, would a G still be played like 0 2 3 2? or would it be different? THANKS AGAIN!

Bari ukes are tuned like guitars- dgbe’ – and so the chords are transposed down a fourth: your G chord (0 3 2 3) is a D chord on the bari uke. 0 0 0 3 is a C chord on the standard uke and G on a bari. So you already knoe all the chords, you just have to do a little head work to figure out the names.

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