Corelli Crystal

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Best/Favorite voilin strings?

What are your favorite violin strings? (Please no Thomastik Dominants…) I’ve heard Corelli Crystal is good, as well as Sensicore, but I don’t really know anyone who would have an opinion.

When I first bought my favorite fiddle 4 years ago, the violin shop where I bought it had Dominants on it, but I wasn’t happy with those, I thought the Dominants overemphasized the dark warmth of the instrument and made it sound “mushy”, not enough bite. So on the recommendation of a friend, I switched to medium Helicores (steel rope-core strings). My fiddle is a really dark, warm, sweet sounding instrument anyway — and I love that about it — but I find that a steel rope-core string like Helicores adds some brightness, clarity, and projection to the tone which I really like.

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