Dean Markley

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Is the Dean Markley DMC-40 amp made for acoustic or electric guitar?

Ok, so I was broke when I bought my first electric, and my brother gave me his 10 year old Dean Markley DMC-40 amp that he used during his brief teenage stint playing guitar. It has no effects at all except a Chorus option that has limited efficacy. Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who was a studio musician for a number of years and he said he was pretty sure Dean Markley was an acoustic brand. I’m planning to upgrade to a Marshall combo amp now that I’ve been playing for about a year (and can thereby justify the purchase), but I’m still wondering what exactly I’ve been playing on for the last year or so.

I’ve found the instruction manual online: no help.


Although Dean Markley did and does make some acoustic amps, I am pretty sure that particular amp is an electric guitar amp. If it has a drive switch on it and can produce distortion it is an electric guitar amp. If the manual does not specifically state that it is an acoustic guitar amp than it is for an electric guitar.

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