Dowel Stick

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Constructing Bamboo Picture Frame Racks Farmers

Bamboo along with its hollow woody stems is regarded to be the most useful plant found in the tropics. They can effectively be used for multiple purposes. Farmers in the tropical parts of the world use them for construction of their houses. A lot of furniture, show pieces and other accessories can be made from them. Apart from this, the bamboo shoots happen to be a highly nutritious food that is extremely good for health.

frame racks can be designed manually or brought from a local store. However, if you try to construct one personally, you will get a better chance to create a piece of your choice. First, buy some bamboos from the stores and depending on the size of frame you wish to make, cut the log into appropriate smaller pieces..

After cutting the log into smaller pieces, use the joint dowels to connect the pieces as they offers the best stability. Drill small holes in the smaller logs at suitable points where they are meant to be connected. Next get all these holes lined with glue followed by sticking the dowel joints and pressing them uniformly.

Draw a diagram of the frame racks on acrylic glass. With the help of a hot glue gun, affix the frame to the space outside where the photograph is supposed to go. Next, cut a small square area from the center of a cardboard and fix it tightly to the glass back. Glue a ribbon piece to its top where you wish to hang the picture on the wall. Or if you wish to make it stand, fix two thin pieces of bamboo stick to its back. Finally, wait for some time for the glue to get dried completely.

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