Ebony Cello

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for better looks and sound quality, is a ebony cello better or rosewood.?

Does a cello look/sound better if its made of ebony or rosewood. should the tailpiece be alloy or ebony?

All of this is a matter of personal preference. I cant believe you are asking for a general answer of a question that involves personal preference. Its entirely up to you whether you think one is better than the other. If you actually knew anything about your instrument you would know which is better for you than the other.

Rosewood is generally less expensive. Rosewood is usually more comfortable to touch and feel. Rosewood gives you a richer sound because the wood is less dense.

Ebony feels smoother while playing. Ebony also feels much more slippery and whether you like this or not is personal preference.

Ebony is a denser wood and gives you a warmer and brighter sound.

P.S. I think alloy usually looks tacky but I am sure that some designers can use alloy and make the design look more appropriate.

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