Ebony Chinrest

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for a student violin which of the two would you recommend?

between the models V5SC and V7SG


which do you think has better features. I’m not sure if I like rosewood or ebony chinrest&pegs better (is there a difference durability and performance wise), and I read that the helicore strings are a waste on a student violin but I was thinking that those strings would improve the sound and possibly last me longer (soundwise before I decide to move to something better if that ever happens)


I’m a beginner lol, don’t know too much about violins so I’m sorry if something above was untrue, it’s just what I’ve read through my research, and I’m not making the purchase now, it’s so I have an idea what to buy if I decide to continue after renting
I’m not buying online, I’m going to a store to get either models but I wanted to read about any difference, and the differences that are listed are the bridge, strings, rosin, varnish

I’m glad you’re renting first – that’s always a good idea. But buying an instrument before playing it isn’t a great idea, so if Yamaha doesn’t have a ‘trial period’ option, I wouldn’t recommend any of their instruments. It’s impossible to judge by a picture – you need to actually play it. Of course, that would restrict you to whatever you could buy locally or one of the few online sites that gives you a trial period (http://www.stringworks.com is one of them).

I think the only difference between those instruments you linked to would be the wood of the tail and chinrest. And I don’t know of any difference besides the color.

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