Flamed Jujube

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Would this be a good violin. 10 points?

New Flamed Jujube Wood Italy Style Violin

Good for what?

At that price, $99, which includes a case, bow, rosin and extra set of strings, its a very cheap instrument. “Italy style” means nothing. Most likely manufactured in some sweatshop in China by relatively unskilled workers making pennies an hour to bang them out as quickly as possible.

I wouldn’t expect much in terms of workmanship or quality of materials used for either the violin or the bow, nor would I expect much in terms of playability or sound quality. A lot of these cheap Chinese-factory-made violins are referred to as “Red screamers”, ‘cos that’s what they sound like. No attempt by the manufacturer to “set up” or adjust the violin to make sure its in playable condition and sounds its best before shipping — and the dealer you’re buying it from isn’t going to set it up either, he’ll simply ship it to you in the original factory carton.

You’ll pay $99 for the complete violin outfit and then have to pay at least $50 – $60 more to a local violin repair person to get it set up correctly. If the factory-installed strings are cheap and crappy (as I imagine they will be), figure on spending another $25 – $30 to replace them with decent strings.

For $250 — not much more money than you’ll end up spending on this eBay “bargain” ($99 + $60 + 30 = $190 call it $200 in round numbers) — you could go to a real brick-n-mortar violin shop, try out a bunch of beginner-level violins in the store, and find an instrument that you know you’ll like, that’s already been professionally set up with decent strings and that doesn’t need any additional outlay of cash to get it into playable condition.

I would go that route if I were you.

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