Floor Harp

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Buying Tips for a Floor Steamer

Those who are eager to locate the most ideal floor steamer may get weighed down with wide range of options available on the market today. Surely, there are factors to consider before you can finalize with the best floor steamer for your needs

Choosing a Floor Steamer

First and foremost, you need to think about where you’ll be utilizing the floor steamer. Are you planning to utilize it on hard flooring like stone, vinyl, tile or wood? Or are you thinking about utilizing it on carpeted floors?

It is also vital to think about its maneuverability, the design of its handles, efficiency, ease of use and if there is a filter that comes with it. These are all essential for the functionality of floor steamers.

There’s no need to utilize hazardous chemicals for cleaning floor surfaces as only steam or heated water is necessary.

A few floor steamers can heat water up to about 212 degrees Fahrenheit and up. This way, most household viruses & bacteria gets killed with the high heat. Should your steamer is not able to meet those high water temperatures, you should change to a better one.

Cleaning carpeted floors require the use of detergents. If you plan to utilize this floor steamer on a place that succumbs to heavy foot traffic, a good steamer is one that features a button for that additional boost of steam & detergent. This works really great if you will utilize it for spot cleaning. Also, other factors should be carefully though about if you will utilize this for cleaning carpets. One would be additional tools that enable users to clean the carpets on stairs. Another is if its tank is large enough for holding water. For those cleaning a big carpeted area, this is actually good as there’s no more requirement to get refills from time to time.

Since it is essential to think about the design, locate one with an adjustable handle. This way, it will not be a big deal if you’re tall or short; you can utilize the floor steamer easily. It may also be better to locate a handle that feature an S-shape as compared to those having a straight one. These units are known to be ergonomically correct. Other convenient design features are a removable tank and a not so heavy unit.

Mineral build up can be hindered if the floor steamer come with a filter. This can also improves your steamer’s life. The removable filter makes it a breeze to clean.

With its small size, you are not required to rearrange your furniture every time you clean the floors. For floor steamers with multiple brushes and jets, they can clean floors better as compared to units with fewer brushes and jets.

Cleaning Floors & Carpets with a Floor Steamer

With a floor steamer, cleaning hard flooring and carpeted floors have never been so much a breeze. The number of times you are required to clean your flooring rely on the amount of traffic it gets. To keep clean floors, you can try asking guests or people to remove footwear. If it’s not possible, you should have your hard floors cleaned 2x to 3x a week.

Choosing the best floor steamer is effortless with the help of a guide. Floor-Steamer.Org has the best reviews on floor steamers today.

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