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Would A Siamese Fighter (Male) Be Ok In My Tank?

Ok so i have had my community tank running for a couple of years now with various fish in, i was thinking of getting a siamese fighter but i don’t know ifit would be compatible with some other fish, here is the list of fish i keep in this tank:
Clown loach
Neon Tetras
Glowlight Tetra
Phantom Tetra
2 African Dwarf Frogs
Silver Tip Tetra
Cherry Barbs
Red Tailed Black Shark
Cory Cats
Bristlenose Catfish
Red Honey Gourami
Another Type of tetra i know its slver and red fins
Chain Loach

And i think thats it for now I will add more if i can think of any. Thanks.

No, a male sieamese fighter would not go well in your tank as it will have territorial disputes and fight with your gourami. Fighters and gourami are actually quite closely related and will recognise each other as competitors. Also the neon tetras, barbs and possibly the other small tetras will nip at the bettas fins.

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