Hammer Dulcimer

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do you choose to learn the musical instrument that you enjoy playing or enjoy hearing it?

please help!!!!!!!! i really want to learn an instrument but i don’t know how to choose!!!!! i said keyboard then mandolin then guitar then violin then mandolin again then banjo then HARP then CELLLLLLOOO!!! then HAMMERED DULCIMER!!! then OUD!!!( I LIVE IN MIDDLE EAST) THEN QANNUUUUUUUUN!!!!!! THEN FLUTEEEEEEEEE!!! then keyboard again then guitar then keyboard then vocals then saxophone then sitar then shamisen then violin!

and im talking seriously!!!
right now i am liking the violin ( it will change as usual)
do i learn the instrument that i like its sound or i like playing it and what is ment by like playing it?
some of you will say: try some instruments and see which you like. the problem is that the stores in our country dont let you try!!!!
and dont answer because you like the instrument like: someone: i suggest that you learn guitar its cool…… i want a way to choose, not that YOU choose.
please answer quickly and SAVE me!!!

play whatever instrument is most comfortable to you. the one that you are best at. the one that you can see yourself playing professionally in the future. it doesnt have to be the best sounding instrument, o the coolest, just the one thats right for you. the perfect instrument for everybody is out there, you just maybe havent found it.

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