Helicore Violin

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Is helicore violin strings(medium tension) worth it for my violin?

I checked out the price of the strings set and it costs about 1500php. My violin is an Alfred Stingl by Hofner which my parents bought for about 5000php. It is probably a student violin and I’ve had it for 4 years but I skipped a year in playing it. Now I’m playing it again.

So back to my question, might the strings be compatible for my violin, or will I just buy a new violin with helicore strings in it?

There is nothing that you have said that tells us if the strings would be good or not for your particular instrument. Also just because it is a Hofner doesn’t help either. Any two violins by the same brand set up exactly the same way will sound different. I certainly wouldn’t buy a different violin because of strings. What is your reason for wanting Helicore. they are brighter than average in sound quality but good for country playing and better than most beginner strings. The type of strings that are used on any particular violin are based on that particular violins sound and the needs of the player. It may be that you need a different instrument, but not just for the Helicore strings which are average to below average in overall quality of sound.

The Hofner is a student violin and if you are looking to upgrade your sound, that is fine, but a string change is only going to help so far and Helicore won’t make much of a difference in general. If you want to really see how good your instrument can sound, you need to use something like the Thomastic Infeld or Evah Pirazzi strings. Go to an actual violin shop and talk to them about strings, have them play your instrument and tell them what you are looking to do. They can then recommend strings to do what you want or recommend a better instrument.. If the later, look at instruments and play them, see what you like and discuss this with the staff, they can then assist you in directing you to the instruments that would fit your needs.

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