Highly Flamed

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What’s wrong with a North American Union?

I know I’m going to get highly flamed by all quarters for this, but is there any really good reason to oppose a North American Union? (A Geopolitical alliance of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, similar to the European Union). I know a lot of people think it would mean giving up our national status, but look at the EU, those nations are still right where they were before the EU came into being. Plus, with Africa and South America both forming similar organizations, wouldn’t a military-economic alliance with our closest neighbors be beneficial in a world where everyone else is doing the same? I mean, really, would a single country be able to stand against a supernational organization and survive? Try to think about the USA or Canada fighting all of Europe or South America at once……

NAU is a pet project of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It includes projects like the Trans-Texas Corridor, also known as the NAFTA superhighway. The NAU is a necessary and real project that will come to fruition. There is no need to be against it. The only “problem” with it is, as you have stated, the individual members feeling a loss of sovereignty. No nation wants to give up its authority to any other nation. The U.S. will not let Mexico be in charge, Canada doesn’t want to be ruled by the U.S. and so on. There are numerous benefits from joining such a union, as you have alluded to in the EU. There really is nothing wrong with forming such a union other than the normal difficulties of bringing three different ideological leaders into one group.

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