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This Nail Varnish Holder Will Be The Envy Of All Who See It.

A nail polish rack is commonly seen in retail and department stores, as their functionality makes them an ideal display for the wide variety of polishes available for sale. However, a fingernail polish holder can also be used at home, and there are a number of sizes, types, and display options to choose from to work with nearly any type of decor. Holders for both commercial and home use are intended to be attractive as well as convenient, which makes it important to choose the right design for the space you have.

Polish Display Racks: Retail Displays.

The nail polish display racks used for retail displays are usually made from acrylic, and they are often constructed in a tiered design that allows the color of each bottle to be easily seen without the need to touch. Utilizing tiers allows for bottles to be removed with ease, without disturbing any of the polishes around it. Retail outlets, trade shows, and presentations are places where large people visit and the use of acrylic material are recommended particularly in such places due to its sturdiness, feather weight and mobility.

Retail rack displays can hold as few as 10, or as many as 100 or more bottles of nail polish. Jumbo racks can also be purchased when selections include several hundred varieties, and both freestanding and hanging displays are available. While maintaining a consistent appearance the clear acrylic even allows multiple racks to be combined, this not only creates visual appeal but also give a larger selection of polishes.

Polish Display Racks: And The Use For Them At Home

Nail polish display racks can also be used to organize a personal collection of polishes, thus eliminating the clutter of bottles that can take up valuable counter space. Acrylic polish storage racks are popular as the can work with almost any home decor, but designs made from wood or metal may be a little more sophisticated. Wall-mounted home displays are also available when space is especially limited, and sizes can be found to hold anywhere from a few bottles to a few dozen.

Choosing The Perfect Design.

The number of bottles to be displayed is not the only consideration that should be given to selecting a nail polish holder, particularly since not every rack can accommodate every bottle of nail polish. Certain brands have specifically shaped bottles that may not fit in some styles of polish racks, while certain locations such as tradeshows or high-traffic retail areas may require a more secure way to keep the bottles from being knocked over. Selecting the right design begins with looking at how and where the polish will be displayed, and some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • 1. What design is the best to work with the display. Countertop displays can especially benefit from selecting a particular shape, with square or rectangular polish stands creating an attractive presentation by displaying all of the colors available. Cylindrical racks that turn are best for small spaces since they allow customers to view all the color choices available. Turning racks may also keep customers at the counter or tradeshow booth longer.
  • -Comparing them by samples. displaying an inventory. Racks for showing off only one sample for a color are generally smaller compared to ones which are designed to show off a number of bottles, thus they can be placed more easily. This is recommended for any situation where you want to display a full range of colors while keeping the bottles away from heavy traffic. Avoid accidents from improper handling by having a separate storage area for polish.
  • Which brand will be displayed. Polishes sold in uniquely shaped bottles may require a specially designed rack to hold them securely. Larger bottles, for instance, may require racks with wider slots, while longer bottles may require the slots to be narrower than average. Being that the bottles vary in height, it may be necessary to utilize the higher tiers to accommodate different brands.

Although there there will be a number of online retailers offering competitive pricing, cost will ultimately be determined by the size, design and material. For an additional cost, you can have a rack custom made, which would be beneficial if you need a certain type of presentation. It’s best to compare styles and costs before buying. Getting the right nail polish rack can give you an attractive display wherever you put it.

Whether in your bathroom or in a retail outlet, nail polish display rack is ideal for displaying row of polishes. A wide assortment of materials can be used to create a metallic or natural wood appearance, but most commonly the material used is acrylic. Selecting the right polish rack is important for both keeping the bottles secure and creating an attractive appearance, which means that consideration should be given to the brands, the quantity, and the amount of space available before the purchase of a rack is made. To get the best and most elegant presentation, it is recommended to compare selections and prices when selecting a nail polish rack.

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