Horn Viola

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Orchestal Composition Software?

I’m looking to get a piece of software for the following instruments: (pipe) organ, piano, double bass, cello, trumpet in Bb, French Horn, viola, violin. I’d like it to have notation software included so that I can input what I have written, save it, and have it played on top of my band which has (live instruments); lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and drums. If you can recommend a program that uses a really good piano name like Steinway, let me know, provided it fills my other requirements. As for my computer, I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Athlon 2 quad core processor. So, anything that it can run should be fine. Thanks!

I highly recommend MuseScore. It’s free, constantly developing, and lets you use your OWN soundfonts. Soundfonts are the sounds that the composition program uses in playback. You can easily find a good soundfont by searching on Google. I use Sinfonia36. The instruments are rather realistic. However, it has one major drawback that makes me use a separate soundfont for piano—its piano sound is unusually quiet. You can edit it with an editing program, I believe, and exchange the piano sound for a better one you can grab easily.

Anyways, MuseScore has all of those instruments, is composition software, and, depending on how hard you search, can have incredible sound quality. I know there’s huge soundfonts out there that sound incredible. Just search for big soundfonts if you want to look into those. They take up a lot of space, of course.

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