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Awesome tips for taking care of your hair in winter season

The winter causes stress, fatigue, cold and even for our hair, the winter is not good. Here are 4 great tips to pass the winter in style with hair. In practice, for beautiful hair, you will have to think about your thyroid, eliminate stress, eat better and take some care.

Healthy hair: how is your thyroid?

Hair breakage or hair falls may reflect a dysfunction of the gland thyroid. The thyroid is relatively common, particularly among women and an assessment can verify that everything works well on this side.

• In the case of hyperthyroidism (the activity of the gland is excessive, resulting in accelerated functioning of the body), the hair tends to become brittle. Other warning signs are: accelerated heart beat, muscle faster, excitement and aggression, weight loss, diarrhea, heat intolerance and decreased libido.

• As for the hypothyroidism, the body works vice versa as in hyperthyroidism. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism are: slow heart beat, muscle cramps, nervousness, lack of menstruation, memory loss, depression, dry skin and pale, constipation and weight gain.

For beautiful hair, drive stress

The stress affects the health of hair and is best known to cause or hasten the fall of hair. This effect is due to hormonal changes, but the stress is also slowing blood flow to the scalp.

So to keep your hair, it is better to eliminate stress. Easier said than done, but never impossible. Look at the side of your schedule. Can it be arranged differently? Some tasks, are they really necessary? Can you delegate more? In all cases, clear a little time just for you to relax and enjoy.

And at least, do some physical activity, ideally two to three gym sessions a week. Otherwise, walk a lot and move at every opportunity. Finally, practice yoga or relaxation, it is excellent to keep the stress in check!

For beautiful hair, attention to vitamin deficiencies

The hair follicles beneath the scalp are fed by blood vessels which supply the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other amino acids essential for their development. Any deficiency can cause loss of hair flexibility, brilliance, or even a drop of hair. The commercially available
hair dye
doesn’t contain the enough quantity vitamins or even they may sometimes harm your hair, so the
based natural hair colors are recommended to avoid such negative effects.

Before considering the use of dietary supplements, look on the side of your plate. Is your diet sufficiently varied? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? If not, make an effort as eating in a healthy, varied and balanced benefit not only the beauty of your hair, but your whole body!

I care about my hair: more care, less aggression

Care after each shampoo and mask once a week practices are ideal for feed and maintain the shine and suppleness of the hair. Depending on your hair type, you can use special care (brittle hair, dry, oily, film …).

In contrast, aggressive shampoo and
hair oil
is not recommended, as brushing too energetic, too tight hairstyles (horse-tail, braid …) which break the hair and pull on the roots. The hair dryer is too hot as an enemy of hair. Ideally, let it dry naturally.

Finally do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser and / or pharmacist! But if more serious problem, it is a visit to a dermatologist is needed!

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