Infeld Red

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Dominant or Infeld Red or Warchal Strings SET?

I have this violin my parents bought for about 120 U.S. Dollars. I’m looking forward to switching in synthetic core strings from steel core strings in December. I live in a tropical country so I think changing would help. It’s not so cold during December anyway.

So back to my question, I’m looking for a rather mellow sound,less ring, sounds good in all positions in my violin and I’m finding a better E string in a set, since there are limited brands of violin strings in my country. Just recommend by these three sets. Thank you!
But as they say, good strings improve the tone of a cheap violin. I really think I need to take it to a violin shop. Unfortunately, there’s none near my home.

That’s an impossible question to answer without playing your violin and seeing how it sounds. Different strings will react differently on different instruments so what one person likes will not be the same as what another person likes. Generally Dominant strings are a little harsher than Infeld. I would stay clear of Warchal as they tend to only make a difference on really good instruments. Your best bet is to take the violin to a violin shop and have them play it, then they can recommend a string set to do what you want. The instrument might also need a soundpost or bridge adjustment, as many inexpensive violins aren’t set up to their potential.

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