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A Summary Of The Incredible Kamra Inlay For Eyesight Correction

The Kamra Inlay was first designed in 2002 by an American firm called Acufocus. One of the main advantages of the Z Kamra Inlay is to present a way for people affected by both near and intermediate eyesight problems.

Until recently, having spectacles or contact lenses have been the principal methods to see well again. However both options could be unpleasant choices or simply irritating as you always have to either not forget them or clean them.

One more choice which has been quite well-known is laser eye treatment but that typically involves top-up surgery later as your eyes deteriorate more with age.

The Kamra corneal inlay is a game changer in that once it’s implanted, there’s almost nothing more to do. And an added benefit is, if for some reason you didn’t want them in anymore, the Kamra Inlays can be removed easily and quickly.

The KAMRA inlay is created out of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), and a diameter of 3.8mm, a central aperture of 1.6mm and an incredible 8400 very small holes in it for to ensure adequate oxygen and nutrition to the eye.It is smaller than a contact lens and has the appearance of a little dark ring. Plus it weighs less than a grain of salt which means you won’t notice it all.

The key point of the design is the little aperture which produces a pinhole effect. This effect increases your ability to focus with near and intermediate vision though not limiting your long distance vision. The inlay allows only focused light to reach your retina by blocking out any unfocused light.

As the Kamra Inlay is placed inside a laser produced pocket on the eye’s surface, dryness has been revealed to be tremendously reduced.

A blended LASIK and KAMRA solution is starting to be quite popular as a way to enhance near, intermediate and distance vision for those people which need it. This is typically refered to as SIM-LASIK which is in essence a mix of laser surgery and the kamra inlay.

The KAMRA inlay is still in FDA clinical trials in the US having said that it is becoming widely utilized in countries such as Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and some Eu countries.

Focus Clinics are Kamra eye surgery specialists providing KAMRA Vision treatments for many patients in the UK.

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