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The Main Hardwares used for Installation of ADSS and OPGW Optical Cable

Principle of Cable Hardware selection

As All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable (ADSS) and Optical Fiber Composited Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) fiber optic cable are made of brittle material , so it can not put too much strain. And fiber diameter is very small, so he ‘s tensile strength very weak .In choosing the cable hardware, the principle is not only to meet all the features and characteristics of the cable should be inclusive , but shall take into account the payment of grip strength with uniform , non-metallic sheath degradation , wear , vibration breeze , dancing , exceed the allowable bending stress and reverse parameters. Therefore, the general provisions is “Hardware’s squeeze should not exceed with more than two cables design limits , hardwares should not be designed for a range of diameters .”

The Main Technical Parameters for Selection

1)Climatic conditions

Temperature(°C),The annual average temperature(°C),Relative Humidity(%),Thunderstorm days(Day),Ice thickness(mm),Wind velocity(m/s)。

2)Electrical parameters of the system

Voltage(kv),Maximum system voltage(kv), Power frequency(Hz)。

3)Cable parameters

Models, cross-sectional area(m㎡),diameter (mm), weight (kg / m); nominal damage load (KN), permissible bending radius (mm), linear expansion coefficient (/ ° C); the average annual job tension ( KN), the maximum working tension (KN).

4)Tower parameters

Tower type , model, each span (m), elevation (m).

The Structure and Installation of the ADSS & OPGW Cable Hardware

Let me introduce the suspension clamps below:

As the special requirements of ADSS and OPGW structure , when designed those products, it will adopt with more than 10 times of ADSS& OPGW allowed bending radius , with a damping function to reduce wear and the large curvature of the suspension clamps . The basic structure forms include pre- twisted wire , insulation and large curvature suspension clamps three types .

1)Pre- twisted wire suspension clamps

Pre- twisted wire suspension clamp has the advantages of manufacture simple, easy to install , use effective, etc.

Composed of four parts, there are preformed rod, rubber sheath , clamp body , hanging plate.

2)Insulation type suspension clamps (also called FDS installations)

Insulation type suspension clamps supported by shell, lining, bolts, devices (hoop or pendant bolts). The shell is used high strength insulating materials, lined is with a soft, flexible material.

3)Large curvature suspension clamps

Ontology and plate thickness of contact surface on the part of the mosaic-4~6mm alloy. Aluminum alloy Board, the ontology uses, the rest of the steel products, hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion coating. Large curvature clamp trunking refers to ontology structures of curvature radius of curvature, curvature (Central slots for line segments, curves on either side) and two curvatures. Its curvature (bulk channel and plate) radius not less than diameter of OPGW 200 times and, of course, you can design a variety of different structures with large curvature suspension clamps, basic structure forms.

Performance comparison of 3 kinds of suspension clamps

*Pre- twisted wire suspension clamps comparison

1)Reduce the support points of inherent stress;

2)Reduce the breeze vibration caused by dynamic stress;

3)Enhanced hang point cable stiffness to avoid stress concentration, serve to protect the cable core;

4)Cable up to 60 ° angle;

5)Easy to install;

6)Higher price.

*Insulation type suspension clamps

1)Structure is simple;

2)Can sliding;

3)Easy to install;

4) Low price;

5) Restricted the scope of use (span less than 25mm, ,

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