Instrument Cleaning

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How to Take Care of a Brass Instrument

Any brass musician should learn how to care for his or her instrument. Despite the relatively durable nature of brass, the absence of proper cleaning and maintenance is sure to affect the sound and quality of an instrument’s performance. The following are some tips on how to properly take care of a brass instrument.

First and foremost, these brass instruments must be properly stored when not in use. Most of the time, instruments come with cases when they are purchased. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the case free of dirt and other materials that might potentially harm the instrument. While the case might provide primary protection, it would not do any good if it is placed in a position where it can easily be accidentally knocked over.

Brass instruments are systems in and of themselves. For them to function well, each delicate part must be in mint condition. Naturally, these pieces will wear out with prolonged and extensive use. One defective portion will not only determine how the instrument will sound – it might also put unnecessary stress on the surrounding parts, accelerating their aging process. This is why malfunctioning pieces should be repaired or replaced at the soonest possible moment.

Of course, a regular cleaning routine is also mandatory. The
brass tubes
of the instruments are periodically exposed to a number of external corroding agents, not least of which is air and moisture. Bacteria transferring from the mouth to the interior of the instruments also cause the brass to tarnish. To thoroughly clean any brass instrument, each piece must be disassembled and polished accordingly. Soaking the metallic parts in warm water with some dishwashing liquid is also advisable. Appropriate drying techniques and oiling procedures should be followed as well.

To make the cleaning process easier, one can check out the nearest
brass tube suppliers
for products and tools designed to keep the instruments in great playing condition. These shops have lines of special oils, greases, brushes and other similar materials tailored to the needs of brass instruments.

Lastly, it is important to properly handle the instruments at all times. Shoving different objects into the
brass tubes
would scratch the inner surfaces. This will have an impact on the performance and general health of these instruments.

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