Japanese Shamisen

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Attempting To Find Some Shady Suggestions For Your Backyard?

The Japanese have used pergolas in their landscaping designs for centuries. Like with any home improvement project, building a pergola has to start with a solid plan. If you wish to design a Japanese-style garden in your yard, you will desire to incorporate some form of covered walkway or pavillion. Built with cross beams that are used as formal garden entrances, they can provide a covered area for relaxing. While not water tight, the roof of your pergola is perfect for growing vines, which will provide tons of shade – making relaxing even easier. Today, pergolas are made of wood – making them a cheaper alternative to the classic Japanese style from centuries ago, which were made of stone. In addition to models made of wood, arbors are also available that are fashioned from iron, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Japanese pergolas took their cues from the original pagodas. These where built to provide shelter from the ashes of Buddha. You’ll often see scrolled ends and straight cross pieces. In more modern times, pergolas have lost the connection with their spiritual past. This is especially true in the west where Buddhism is rarely practiced. Though these classic bowers went out of popularity during periods of the 18th and 19th centuries when trendy gardens went thru a natural trend, they have come back into style in the 21st century in a big fashion.

Unlike 20 years ago, todays pergolas are available as kits, and, best of all, no need to have a professional do it for you. That will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. These kits can either be stock models, or you can find companies that will custom-build your design at their factory and then deliver it to your home for installation. You may even elect to use software to get an idea on what different options will look like – before you build it.

If you want to go for more of an Oriental feel, add Japanese lanterns. It will provide some soft light. Also, look at adding tatami floor mats for effect. To add more Japanese flare, consider enclosing part of your pergola with Shoji sliding doors. I personally like the ones with Japanese screens. A pergola will add architectural interest to your yard or terrace, and adding plants that are sometimes found in a Japanese garden, for example bamboo, azaleas, moss, and carefully-pruned pine trees, can give your garden a really Oriental flare.

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