Josef Bremen

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What is a good brand of violin for a beginner violinist between $100-200?

I’m looking for an honestly good violin even though I am a beginner. I know it depends on the player, BUT I want to get a good made violin. I’m so torn between what everyone is saying. Some say Chinese made is OK as long as it’s set up right and treated well, others say they will never do the job, and say a $300 violin is the only way to go.
Please help I am so torn. A local violinist is trying to get me to buy a Josef Bremen thing is I don’t see any reviews anywhere for one. I can’t find where it is made, who makes it, I can’t find anything on it.
Please HELP!

There are NO good violins for $100 – $200. Generally, unless you are spending a large amount of money the maker is not the issue. Your best bet is to a) take the advice of your teacher and b) go to a local luthier so you can try out what he has. I guarantee he won’t be selling any 200 dollar violins… cause they are all junk.

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