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This may sound weird but heres your chance to be as rude as you want….?

Ok so I finaly decided on the names I for sure like But Heres what I want you to do… Tell me what comes to your mind when you here these names and tell me every mean thing possible that the kids may come up with about these names… Thank you for your brutal honesty…

For a girl…
Willow Raine Topping
Niah Skye Topping

For a boy…
Tristin Koa Topping
River Storm Topping

And Yes I already know they will get teased a million times for topping but I cant help That one.
Im not changing themI love weird nature unique names I just want to know ahead of time what nicknames they may get from others kids
OK some of you REALY dont get what im asking!! Im not changing the names I just want you to close your eyes go back to your school days and think if you heard this name what things would to think of to make fun of it!!! That you to those who are answering instead of those who are just blabbing.
I meant to say THANK you for those who are answering

Willow Raine Topping:
Pillow Hopping
Brillo (Pad)

Niah Skye Topping:
Night Skye
Mya Guy

Tristin Koa Topping:
Boa?? (I know a dude named Tristin, no funky nicknames from his name)

River Storm Topping:
Giver Toppings (Okay, think really dirty here…)

Honestly, the names are not that bad; most people that I know have nicknames that have nothing to do w/ their acutal names. Example:
Kris: Creamy Beaver
Kirk: Schmergie
Johnathan: Mongo; Pumkin Head
Emily: Belted Poontang
Matt: Chewy (Chewbaca)
Ryan: Bowie
Adam: Egg
Mandy: Beaner; Albino
Matt: Poops (yeah…exactly that)
Michael: Doughboy
Chris: Slobber Jaw

Most of them got these names due to physicial apperance and/or stupid, stupid things they said/did (ie, Poops). What’s really sad is that most of them are basically only known by their nick name :-)

Hope I’ve helped you!

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