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Where and which Good Quality Luthier tools should I get?

I’ve put together several frankencasters and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve ordered some iffy necks from ebay that need work. Unfortunately, I have a rudimentary way to level the frets (a couple straight bars and several types of sand paper) but it’s a pain. Then the frets need to be crowed. I’d so like to level the sides. I’ve been looking and because I have many guitars and many pass thru my hands. Are there more viable options? Thanks!

Hey, I get most of my tools from Stew Mac also. He has 3 files to crown your frets with. I got the 2 finer ones. I’m not confident enough to get the rough one that works like a hot knife through butter. Anyway, they work well and have smoothed corners so they don’t mar your fretboard, but you should use masking tape anyway. He has a fretting kit that I would recommend getting since once you start doing this stuff, you will probably wind up doing a fret job eventually.
As for the snapfile sanding system, I never used it. But I like the idea of a longer plane to sand with as it gets the frets a bit more uniform. Oh, get something for nut work too, you are most likely going to break your nut working on frets, unless its metal.
Also, check the other link I sent… its the technofret leveling system. I like this a little better. Anyway, if the link doesn’t work, just try googling it, its on Ebay, but I believe there is a site for it also, its made in England.
Best of luck!!!

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