Mahogany Kala

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kala ukulele uk buying?

I’m looking at buying a Ukulele and heard Kala are good because I have played like cheapy £10 ones which are kind of fun but sound horrible. I’m not like a serious Ukulele player I just want one so I can take it everywhere. I play guitar mostly but they aren’t massively portable a ukulele is haha :P. Is there anyway I can buy a mahogany kala tenor ukulele in the UK without getting it off some music shop up country. Is there any stockist I can get in the south west? I can’t work out how to buy off the website haha. There are places in the UK but they are music shops up the country and I would rather buy direct or from a more local dealer so any advice would appriciated :)

Kala makes a nice ukulele at a good price. Similar to Lanikai. Good choice. I live in the US so don’t know the currency or any shops in your area. However, there are the Tauntan Ukulele Strummers that may be able to help you out. They have a good website with good advice. If you can’t find the answer to your question drop them a line. They seem like pretty decent folk.
Have fun,

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