Model Ipe

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An Assessment Of The Leading Edge Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine

Check out our Concept 2 Model E assessment below. A machine which is equally appreciated by exercise enthusiasts as well as professional athletes is definitely the Concept 2 Model E machine. This will allow you to get a full cardiovascular workout without the stress and wear and tear on your joints that traditional workouts often inflicts. The rowing movement in the operation of the unit will help develop the back, abdomen, hands, legs and the chest region and all the muscle groups involved.

The Concept 2 Model E is the one rowing machine that has everything. With a sliding seat helping in a complete full body workout, it comes with a glossy finish and appealing design. Another advantage of this machine is the castor wheels which provide the necessary mobility and this can be separated into two parts for easy storage.

Starting with the features, a PM4 performance monitor is fixed on the machine of the Concept 2 Model E. After the rowing machine starts moving, its automatic operation starts giving readings. The PM4 measures the performance and heart rate through a Garmin chest belt wireless HR transmitter. It has a USB interface through which the data can be transferred to a PC with ease. The menu will offer preset workouts and even compare past results.

A person using the machine is comfortably placed at a frame height of 20 inches while exercising and also is allowed to get on and off the machine easily. The smooth feel of rowing in water and the quiet performance comes from the flywheel design. The chains are nickel-plated and require a very low maintenance. This machine gets stability from a one piece leg design and also gets a perfect arm and hand positions which is ensured by the ergonomic handle. The feel of each pull is controlled by the spiral damper when using the machine for exercising.

Fully extended the Concept 2 Model E has a foot print of 9 x 4 feet though it has a 500-pound holding capacity. The machine can easily be carried around ass it weighs only 65 pounds. This bike can even be wired together with others for exciting races and other competitions. This exercise machine also comes with many items such as a usb cable and a well written owners manual. A LogCard for storing personal preferences and workout data is also available along with these.

For all indoor exercise enthusiasts the Concept 2 Model E indoor rower is the perfect option. If you are not pleased with it, you can return it within 30 days and you will get your money back. It has a 5-year warrantee on the machine frame and also a 2-year warranty for the moving parts and monitor. This durable product is efficient as well as simple to use so make it part of your exercise routine. For something virtually as good but a little less expensive, have a look at the Concept2 Model D.

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