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Best headphones for my requirements?

Looking for some over the ear headphones.

I watch bluray movies, play video games, and listen to music.

The music I listen to ranges from classical to metal, but it’s a fairly straight gradient
Usually, the music I listen to has palm muted heavy sounding guitars. On top of that, there is usually fast bass, or very “big” bass. Usually double bass drums type of thing. Punk constitutes a lot of my music.

However, here’s where it gets complicated; I love shifting vocals. From a low talk that starts into a low growly scream. From a slight singing that starts into a high pitched, shrill, screech or just a high pitched scream. Often, I also listen to music with choirs or highly detailed vocal tracks.
I want THIS to be heavily at the forefront of my music and the sound quality to be equal.


any headphones with good “mids” (not the reble or bass, everything in between, where all the vocals and 90% of instruments lie.) will suit you.

a price range would be helpful, but any of these great all rounder headphones will suit you.
sennheiser hd518/558/598/600/650 (all very good open headphones)
denon d2000/5000 (smooth mids)
shure srh840/940(neutral)
audio technica m50(might not be as great for vocals since its sound is slightly v-shaped, meaning it has upped bass and treble while mids are recessed)
beyerdynamic dt880/770/990 (treble might be too sharp for you)
akg q701 (sub-bass might be lacking, but drum impacts are accurately portrayed. Great soundstage as well, meaning it’s epic for games)

keep in mind some of these are open headphones, meaning they leak sound in and out. best used at home. Their advantage is that they sound much more balanced and has better soundstage than closed headphones.

general buying guide. Search the headphones within this site, its very helpful!

don’t get beats/skullcandy/bose. theyre highly overpriced

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