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Do you know what is Tibetan silver and Tibetan jewelry

Tibetan silver are not new for all beaded jewelry designs. You may have add Tibetan silver beads to your jewelry designs, you may also know that Tibetan silver can also be used to make jewelry supplies like Tibetan style charms and Tibetan style jewelry findings like bails, bead caps, clasps, crimp rings…

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewelry components, and is similar to pewter – an alloy of copper, and sometimes tin or nickel, with a small percentage of pure silver. Tibetan silver used to have a higher silver content a decade or two ago, up to 30% or higher, but cheaper reproductions from Far Eastern factories have diluted the term. Currently, jewelry, beads and castings described as ‘Tibetan Silver’ tends to be a base iron ‘cheese metal’ casting, overlaid with this pewter and silver plating. Dependent on source, these can be either thick and robust, or attractive but easily broken due to a loose, fragile inner casting. The latter productions are therefore only suitable for small castings up to around 12mm, or transient ‘fashion’ jewelry with a short lifespan.

When it comes to the feeling of ancient rhymes and exotic ambience, we would think of the Tibetan jewelry at the first time, as the Tibetan jewelry out of Tibetan silver beads will give you such feelings. If you want to made Tibetan silver beads jewelry, you can look at my wholesale beads website, at here you can easily find plenty of Tibetan silver beads, and Tibetan style charms, you can find you like as there are so many beads and charms that can add to your Tibetan jewelry making designs.

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