Octave Mandolin

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Octave Mandolin? Good tunes or musicians?

I just got a 1928 Regal Octofone from an antique shop. I paid $35 for it (it has an auction value between $1500 and $2000!!!). It is in impecable condition and has amazing tone and volume. I have played guitar over 10 years and mandolin for about one. I am rather unfamiliar with the octave mandolin (although it is tuned and played the same as a mandolin, just on a larger scale and tuned one octave lower). Does anyone know any good songs that are heavy on the octave mandolin or any great musicians that master the instrument? For those of you not familiar with it, I’ll post a link below of some kid jamming an awesome tune on the octave mandolin

Check out Mike Seeger (Pete Seeger’s half brother), solo/New Lost City Ramblers/Dry Creek Singers/etc. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has recorded a number of tunes featuring octave mandolin.

Also David Grisman and Sam Bush-two master mandolinists who often include octo-mando in their repertoires.

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