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Handmade Jewelry: How to Get Your Own Handmade Jewelry

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Trying to get handmade jewelry to add to your jewelry box can be a challenge. This can be especially true for people who live in an area that does not see a lot of art fairs, indie artists or have good access to the internet. What is someone supposed to do if she wants to buy hand crafted jewelry but she doesn’t know where to look for it? She learns how to make her own! Making your own jewelry, believe it or not, can be pretty easy. If you have enough patience and the right materials at hand you can easily learn how to make jewelry of your own! Here are some ways to get handmade jewelry easily and cheaply.

The easiest way to get your own handmade jewelry is to learn how to make it. Finding someone to teach you is a great way to do this. If you want to learn the basics of making your own jewelry you might try taking a class at your local community center or a jewelry shop. Sometimes local jewelry designers will work with people on an individual basis. This is one of the best ways to learn how to make your own jewelry because it is easier to learn if you are the only student there. You might also be able to find a way to buy handmade jewelry for free by selling your own stuff on Etsy or one of the auction sites. You could easily sell your wares on Etsy and Ebay–two of the most popular sales portals on the internet. Everybody knows what Ebay is. While EBay can help you get money that you can use to buy new pieces from other designers, Etsy is a great site to use for trading pieces. Yes, most people use Etsy to earn money, but some like the idea of trading as well. If you see a piece that you like but that you cannot afford think about offering some of your work to the seller as an even exchange. This way you should only have to pay the shipping costs when you send your piece out!

If you are shopping for handmade jewelry, you might consider simply doing a Google search for jewelry designers and artists. A lot of people present their items directly to customers through individual websites. These websites tend to be more difficult to discover, but they can have ample amounts of jewelry and different crafts. One more favorable reason to buy directly from an artist’s website is you increase your chances of talking an artist into making a special piece that is designed specifically for you. Doing this offline would be outrageously expensive. However, online, there are tons of deals and bargains waiting for you! There are all sorts of ways to legally obtain handmade jewelry without having to spend any money. Trading for it is the easiest way to get this. You can either trade your own work or some time to “buy” the pieces you like. There is no reason to limit yourself to a single trading tactic. Try a few different methods to find what works best for you. You might find out that trading is something that you enjoy and start doing it full time!

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