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Find Out Which Frame Style Fits You Better Before Purchasing A Pair Of Polo Sunglasses For Men

The folks at Ralph Lauren actually did a good job planning their range of affordable Polo sunglasses. The range of Polo sunglasses is terribly inviting indeed. Both Polo sunglasses for men and the models for girls are fashionable and offer adequate protection against damaging UV rays. They also come in over 30 stylish styles.

But before you make your purchase, here are 1 or 2 tips on choosing a frame design that suits your face shape.

Oval-shaped Face
Folk with oval-shaped faces have a sound excuse to be satisfied because they are able to wear nearly any type of frame design available on Polo sunglasses.

Somebody with an oval-shaped face has a narrow forehead and jaw line. The chin is a tad narrower than the forehead, with high cheekbones.

Though, those individuals with oval-shaped faces can wear any frame style out there, there are two factors you want to take note of when selecting your Polo sunglasses. First off choose a frame size that is proportional to your face because those individuals with oval faces sometimes have smaller facial features. Secondly, and this applies to everyone, choose a frame colour that matches your eyes.

Square-shaped Face
If you are like me and have a square-shaped face, then you’d need to get a pair of Polo sunglasses for men with oval or round frames. Remember, the frame style should contrast the shape of the wearers face.

Someone with a square-shaped face often has proportional facial dimensions. Our jaw line is prominent,our foreheads deep while our chins are square and broad. Therefore, round or oval glasses will do well to melt our overly edgy features. Cat-eye frames could also be a choice, but it isn’t for everyone. So try them out before making a decision.

If your features are particularly strong, try using rim-less frames with soft edges to balance things out.

Round-shaped Face
As with those with square-shaped faces, folk with round-shaped faces should get frames to contrast their features. In this situation, they should get angular frames to add definition to their face.

Many people with round-shaped faces tend look for frames styles to assist in making their faces look slimmer or longer. They can achieve this by utilizing oblong formed frames which are far more horizontal than they are vertical. Polo sunglasses for men with high churches can also contribute to that effect.

Heart-shaped Face
The heart-shaped face is a touch tougher when it comes to finding an appropriate pair of Polo sunglasses for men. A heart-shaped face is one with a wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow jaw line and jaw.

When selecting a style for this sort of face shape, a little experimentation with a few fashions of Polo sunglasses is suggested order to express your thoughts in the best demeanour achievable.

One style that those with heart-shaped faces should avoid are frames which are wider at the very top than at the bottom. This kind frame design has the inclination to make the widest point of a heart-shaped face look wider than it essentially is.

As an alternative lookout for cat-eye frames, frames which are wider at the bottom and frames with lower churches to counterbalance this actual face shape. Select lighter color Polo sunglasses to draw less attention to or to melt a wide forehead.

To summarise,

  • People with oval shaped-faces can wear practically any type of style they like
  • People with round-shaped faces get glasses with angular frames
  • Those with heart-shaped faces should experiment with different frame styles but should avoid frames which are wider at the bottom


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