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Massive Range of Baby High Chairs For All Mum and Dad At Incredibly Low Prices from Bubs n Grubs.

Baby High Chairs are the most commonly used baby furniture and it’s here that your baby experiences all meal time adventures. Even after you stop spoon feeding your baby the mess your baby makes during meals will not stop. A top notch Bubs n Grubs high chair will last long as they are really robust and can be easily maintained. Baby high chair comes in bright colors with baby safe soft edges. They have security harnessing to keep your baby safe in the chair and the soft cushions make him cosy. The trays are easy to scrub and the cushions are washable.

Baby High Chairs can be gotten in a wide selection with different features. The majority of the Baby High Chairs can be employed as toddler chairs as the kid grows.

The Chicco Poly 2 in 1 Double Phase High Chair
This high chair can be employed from 5 months to 3 years old. They are totally comfortable to feed the baby. As they grow and begin to eat by themselves the activity tray can be removed easily and the chair pushed along the dinner table so your baby can eat together with the family. The high chair has double padding which can supply good support to your kid and the additional padding can be removed simply as your kid grows.
The back rest of the high chair can be reclined to 3 positions which allows your kid to relax after feeding. The height of the high chair can be adjusted to 7 different heights to suit all tables. The food tray can be easily removed to be utilised as a table mat. The 5 point safety harness has a 2 position height alteration. The high chair has swivel wheels that make it easy to move and they’re installed with safety brakes. The PVC padded seat cover makes cleaning less complicated.

QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair
This Bubs n Grubs Quick Smart Easy Fold High Chair is light weight and can be folded and unfolded in a couple of seconds. They can be carried and stored easily. The tubular steel and aluminum frame makes it strong and stable. The 5 point harness and the foot rest can be adjusted as your baby grows. The padded seat can be reclined to 2 positions to make your baby cosy while taking a bottle. The food tray is dishwasher safe and the laminated fabric of the seat can be easily wiped down. This high chair can be used from 6 months.

Mothers Choice Round-a-bout High Chair
The Round-a-bout High Chair has a 360 degrees turning mechanism which makes feeding simpler. The high chair also has a gas lift height change mechanism. This chair is suitable for babies of 6 months old and can be used till the baby reaches fifteen kilo weight. The food tray has a drink holder and they can be washed in a dishwasher. They have got a five point security harness and simple to wash padded seat cover. The high chair can be reclined to 3 positions.

The Silver Cross Doodle High Chair / Playing Table and Chair
This model of the Bubs n Grubs high chair can be converted to a play table that is acceptable for kids up to 5 years. They have got a four way automated locking system with central storage compartment and detachable crayon and pencil cup. The magnetized feeding tray are dishwasher safe. The surface of the high chair can be wiped clean. They’re sturdy enough to hold your wobbly babe.

Bubs n Grubs Baby High Chairs make feeding time pleasurable both to you and your baby. You can feed your baby easier when they’re in a high chair, as both your hands are free. Babies also love to be free when they’re fed. So using a high chair makes feeding simpler.

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