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How to fix the Windows Black Screen of Death

Microsoft says it’s looking into the Black Screen of Death issue recently confronting Windows machines. The computer problem reportedly strikes shortly after affected PCs start up. A black screen stonewalls users, cripples the operating system, and renders the computer useless even after reboots.

Named in the classic tradition of the
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Blue Screen of Death (crashing Windows) and Red Ring of Death (bricking Xbox 360s), this new problem apparently hit right after a Microsoft security update on November 10. The patch seems to have fiddled with the Access Control List, which oversees what users may do on their machines.

While Microsoft investigates, British PC security firm Prevx has issued an unofficial fix. Its 11-step walkthrough promises to solve the problem free of charge. (We should say that the Monitor has not tried this approach. None of our computers have faced the dreaded black screen. But Prevx is a reliable name.)

1) Restart your PC

2) Logon and wait for the black screen to appear

3) Make sure your
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PC should be able to connect to the internet (black screen does not appear to affect this)

4) Press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously

5) When prompted, Click Start Task Manager

6) In Task Manager Click on the Application Tab

7) Next Click New Task

8) Now enter the command:

“C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” “http://info.prevx.com/download.asp?GRAB=BLACKSCREENFIX”

Note this command assumes that you are using internet explorer as your browser, if not substitute your browser path and file details for those of iexplore.exe or use the Browser option of Task manager to locate it.

9) Click OK and your browser should start up and begin the download process

10) When prompted for the download Click run, the black screen fix program will download and run to automatically fix the issue.

11) Now restart your PC and the black screen problem will hopefully be gone.

I must stress that this tool will not fix all black screen issues. There can be many causes. But if your black screen woes began in the last 2 weeks after a Windows update or after running any security program (including Prevx) to remove malware during this time then this fix will have a high probability of working.

If you Google Black Screen then you will find a whopping 80Million plus results, mostly dominated by people searching for a fix to this
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problem. Thousands of users have resorted to reloading Windows as a last ditch effort to fix the problem, avoid that at all cost. We hope we can help a good many of you avoid the need to reload.

By the way – the cause of this recent crop of Black Screen appears to be a change in the Windows Operating Systems lock down of registry keys. This change has the effect of invalidating several key registry entries if they are updated without consideration of the new ACL rules being applied. For reference the rule change does not appear to have been publicised adequately, if at all, with the recent Windows updates.

In researching this issue we have identified at least 10 different scenarios which will trigger the same black screen conditions. These appear to have been around for years now. But our advice is try our tool first. If it works great. If it doesn’t you are no worse off.

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