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Is This A Good Deal for a Sax?

I want to start playing the Sax i want to know if this is a good deal so i can start saving for it…:

Alto Saxophone with Case 5 Year Warranty


European Bell Brass Lacquer Polished Finished
Leather Pads made in USA with Metallic Resonators Polished Brass Keys
Pearloid Buttons No-Seam Neck
Upper F sharp Key Featherweight Case & Mouthpiece with Reed
Adjustable Neckstrap 5 yr. Warranty

Thank You for Your Answers…

It Costs 171.95
plus S&H

well how much is it? and it really depends on what brand it is, i have known lots of people to buy a cheap sax and then in about one year, it totally falls apart, plus, you wont get a good sound quality if you buy a cheap one, trust me, it is better to invest in something a little more expensive if you are serious about playing, if you just wanna play in your spare time, i would recommend a Vito brand, it is a good learning sax, i personally play on only Bundys, but that is just my preference. Hope I helped! and good fortune to you in all your musical endeavors

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