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Altering Your Wedding Dress – geebird shop

Altering Your Wedding Dress

No matter how amazing your figure is, most beach wedding dresses need a few alterations – don’t take it to heart! Wedding gowns aren’t designed to fit off-the-peg so set aside a small budget for a seamstress when you choose your dress.

Take your dress to be altered somewhere around 3 months before your wedding – you will probably go back for 2 or 3 fitting sessions to make sure it is a perfect fit no matter whether you lose or gain a little weight before the big day! Remember to bring your bridal lingerie and your shoes – body-shaping underwear can affect how the dress fits, and your seamstress will need to know how high your heels are so he or she can ensure the hem falls at the right height. You can also bring along your other accessories to give you a real idea of how you’ll look on the day.

Bring along a friend, bridesmaid or your mum to the fittings to get another opinion and to keep you company – another pair of hands is always useful to help you get in and out of your dress and work out the logistics, especially if you need to check how your train will be carried etc. Practice walking in your dress and your heels – for example, there’s a little trick to walking in a full skirt where you kick your skirt ahead of you before each step to avoid treading on your hem!

Avoid any alterations beyond simple fitting, such as adding extra elements or adjusting the style – you might regret it and it’s difficult to back when you’ve made a major change to such a specialist item of clothing. That’s not to say you can’t add in your own personal style, such as different buttons or details, or adding a removable train for example.

Always bear in mind that it’s better to buy a wedding dress that’s bigger rather than smaller – no matter how much weight you plan on losing – taking a gown in is easier than letting one out…

We send our brides to be to our recommended seamstress, and our staff are experienced in advising women what alterations can and can’t be done on each specific dress – so take advantage of our knowledge when you come to visit!

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