Pickup Case

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Coming Up With The Best Pickup Lines To Get Her Attention

It can be challenging to start a conversation with the girl you just spotted. This is most especially true if you have no idea what to tell her. Fret not because the following are a few best pickup lines to get her attention effectively.

One of the most effective tactics out there is to ask the girl something like “do I know you?” or “aren’t we classmates in high school?”. Such may sound a very innocent question, thus getting rid of the impression you’re trying to flirt with her. Right after she answers, just think of something else to say as a follow-up and get everything flowing.

In case you find a girl alone sitting somewhere, a good question would be “is this seat taken?”. This line shows how well-mannered and polite you are. Besides, it’s not always safe to assume that she’s alone just because someone’s not sitting beside her. But if she’s alone and you’re lucky, you might be invited to sit right next to her.

Acting as though you haven’t been to the place before or you’re confused about something is effective. For instance, pretend you don’t know what food to order in the cafe or what item to buy at the store. Ask for her help by asking “do you know the specialty here?” and show that you appreciate of the assistance. Such may just lead to getting to know each other. Find out more: how to get girls to like you.

Compliment something about her, such as “I think you have a nice smile” or “that dress looks gorgeous”. Girls usually spend a lot of time trying to look great. By showing that you have an eye for beauty, she might just startup a chat with you. However, make sure that you mean what you say.

The best pickup lines to get her attention are simple, witty and even funny ones. Try to steer clear of cheesy ones, especially the dirty types as you’re likely to end up with a slap on your face. The key is to try to have a conversation with someone you like, so it pays to be nice, friendly, gentlemanly and respectful.

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