Pirazzi Violin

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How are Evah Pirazzi violin strings?

I just got a set for $77 (Medium) Are they any good? I haven’t really got a chance to put them on yet

Evah Pirazzi strings can be very nice, it depends on the instrument. Evah Pirazzi synthetic core strings have a powerful sound and range. Full, round sound and stability with easy response and playability. Available in thick, medium, and thin. They have a warm and brilliant sound, but must be changed more often than some other brands. Some players find the strings over-rated, and the higher tension may be too high for some instruments. Brighter than Obligato but like them in that they can bring out some of the best that an instrument has to offer. If your instrument tends to be already a little bright, I would go with the Obligato’s. You can always ask the violin shop to recommend something based on how your instrument sounds to them. They are doing this all day long to their own stock and are very good at making an instrument sound its best for a given player.

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