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Finding Old American Coins In Ordinary Places

With the new age of the Internet you can now find most anything you could possibly want online. While there are certainly many places to find old coins on the net, in some ways this hobby can be as traditional as it was back before the Internet. People starting out in their coin-collecting journey are often delighted to discover how many old American coins are still in everyday use.

You can often find collectable coins in everyday places. With the use of the modern day coin counting machine rare old coins can bounce from store to bank to who knows where without ever being revealed. When these coins wind up in your pocket is when they stand a chance of being found. Most of these rare coins wind up in the pocket of people who do not even look at them and off they go on their next journey!

Even though you ill find a few gems searching for old coins this way it is not the fastest way to build your collection. There are many places to go searching and we will examine a few of the most promising places.

Your local coin dealer

Your next great find can be as close as your local coin dealer. This may not be the place to get a super deal but if you look around and find someone you trust it may be one of the safest places to buy old coins. Get to know the owner; most likely he or she will have a good knowledge of coin collecting. There is a lot of knowledge as close as your hometown coin dealer.

Order coins through the mail

You can purchase almost any kind of coin through the postal service. Be careful of each shops grading system and always make sure they offer a reasonable return policy in case things are not as good as they first seem.

Coin collectors

This resource is not always the first one you think of but many collectors will sell coins to finance their own hobby. This is a very good way to get some good buys. Look in the classifieds in your hometown newspaper to see if anyone has a coin for sale ad.

Flea markets

Sometimes you can find coins at your local flea market, craft shows or antique store. There is usually not a lot of competition at these places so sometimes you can get a better deal on your rare coin purchase. Always be on the lookout for the guy selling old coins that really does not know what he is selling. You can find good deals when you find yourself in this situation. Always be sure of what you are buying because the guy selling you the coins may not be there the next time you visit. Use caution and you should be fine.

The Internet

As stated at the start of this article you can find most anything on the Internet and rare coins are no exception. Be sure of the dealer before handing over your credit card number. There are wonderful buys to be found on the Internet. Be careful and ask about reliable dealers at your local coin-collecting forum. Always check the web site return policy in case what you receive is not what you expected.

Before you get your wallet out to make that purchase always do the proper research on what you are considering buying. Knowledge is power and in this case it may save you a few bucks on that great find.

You will find place after place to purchase your old American coins. With just a little effort on your part you will discover an abundance of places to find old coins

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