Resonant Sound

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Anyone looking for a SAXOPHONE??

i have a Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Professional Alto Saxophone that I bought brand new 5 years ago and I am looking to sell! I marched in the marching band in high school, took it to state competition in Austin 4 times, and it even made a trip with me to play in Washington DC once before.

It has a high f# key, handcrafted engraving onthe bell, recently replaced pads, and it plays better than any sax i’ve ever picked up=] it has a warm, resonant sound that goes perfect for any genre that you are wanting to play, whether its jazz, classical, or even more contemporary styles.
Also in the package is a hardwood case, outside leather protective case, C-star mouthpiece, ligature, and cover, neckstrap, and i’ve even thrown in a lyer!=]

I bought this saxophone brand new for $3,800 but i am only looking to sell it for $950, which is a GREAT DEAL!, considering it still plays like new=] i live in northeast texas so email me!

Oooh very, very tempting. I’d might go for it, if I knew I’d play it. lol I don’t even play my Selmer Bundy II. lol I’m more of a Bari sax man, if I could find one cheaper. Even a tenor would do.

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